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"Charlotte's love for service—which is deeply embedded in her teaching background—along with her precision and care to her craft can only be described as impeccable, and her expertise surpasses her excelled knowledge of the written word because she works from a space of deep connection. 

I highly recommend Charlotte as a literary advisor: she has the patience of a miracle and her knowledge of literature, editing, communicating and education is beyond measure. So, if you are looking for a literary advisor who is steadfast in her craft and believes in connecting with the soul of the author, Charlotte is the person you need on your team.

Thank you for always being there for me when words sometimes escape me.”

Pashmina P.—M.Ed, International Bestselling Author, Agent and Advisor, Founder of the Online Author's Office (OAO).

Published by Wild Wood Press

“This curriculum mapping makes clear and easy-to-follow links with The National Curriculum for England (2014). The information provides teachers with accessible and concise guidance for each year group. As an educator, this mapping is invaluable in assisting with creating a varied, interesting and enriched curriculum for pupils in week-by-week format ... A first-class resource.” 

Abigail Simpson - BEd (Hons), MA (Ed), Lecturer and blogger for Connected Children at

I was delighted with the workbook Fliss produced to accompany my book, Dancing with Tired Feet. I wanted to share my life lessons so that others could also learn from my story – this workbook meets all the criteria I had hoped for. It is engaging and well designed. The topics for thought and meditative activities really encourage the reader to look deep within to discover their own answers.”

Joanne Bull-Burgess - Educator, dancer, life coach, singer-songwriter, television personality and author of Dancing With Tired Feet.

“Charlotte has the ability to refine and polish sentences without losing the essence of the story or the voice of the author. She is deft and precise, and her attention to detail is second to none. Her editing enhances the writing, making the final product stronger, clearer and more eloquent. Her expertise and knowledge of the English language is invaluable. Charlotte gives advice and encouragement and respects the magical world that you, as an author, have created. The work she did on my manuscript was meticulous, but most importantly, so thoughtful. She really is a joy to work with. My story is still my own, but masterfully and brilliantly edited. I can’t recommend working with her highly enough.” 

Helena M Craggs - Author of The Younglings Series.

“Charlie is an exceptional lady who embraces my Chinese heritage within two worlds. I'm a Chinese descendant living in the Western world, and her brilliant research and interviews with me have been fun and creative. She was able to connect and transcribe my words in a beautiful flow. I have had the privilege and honour of working with her, and she always showed professionalism with a sense of humour. She has an amazing gift to be able to connect with the main character of the story. Together, we were able to visit the two worlds of people, and we expressed the fortitude of the characters in the storyline.”

Cheryl Moy - Author of The Origami Balloon: Becoming Mei-Rose

“Fliss captured the themes of my storybook brilliantly and pulled out the main lessons from each chapter for the reader to explore. The activities are well thought out, and the key questions really encourage you to delve deep within your psyche and discover the answers that are waiting to be found. With easy-to-follow tasks, this workbook is a beautiful accompaniment to The Origami Balloon: Becoming Mei-Rose, and it truly leads the reader on a journey of self-awareness.”.

Cheryl Moy, Author of The Origami Balloon: Becoming Mei-Rose

“Curriculum mapping requires a skill and a deep understanding from various different perspectives. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Charlotte, and I feel extremely satisfied that my dream is being fulfilled with the workbook now becoming a part of the school curriculum.” 

Sandeep Agarwal - Author of Working through the Infinite Source

“Thank you to Charlotte L. Taylor for being my professional literary sounding board and for helping me to bring this book to fruition. I appreciate your commitment to my project, and I am really grateful for all of the advice and guidance that you have given me."

Todd Perry - Professional tennis player, winner of the Australian Open Doubles championship, director and head coach of the Todd Perry Tennis Academy and Author of One Chance.

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